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Why do Dog Eats Feces

Why do Dog Eats Feces

Feces Eating: Is there any way to get my puppy to stop eating her poop? Ah yes, the poop-eating-puppy. Rest assured this is a very common complaint among dog owners but one which can be overcome with patience and persistence. This disgusting, feces eating behavior is known as Coprophagy (koh-PROFF-i-gee).

There may be underlying reasons for Coprophagy that might need professional attention. Never punish your dog for a behavioral problem that can be modified by positive reinforcement as there can be many underlying causes, such as a thyroid problem.

Tip for house training your dog

Establishing good habits early on in house training your puppy is critical.
If you allow your puppy to eliminate every where and any where he wants in your home, you will end up with an adult dog that will always have a tendency to want to eliminate in your home. You will have to live with it forever, or go through some time-consuming, tedious retraining later on. A dog is either house trained or not.
There is no such thing as weekly 'accidents.' A truly house trained dog will NEVER eliminate in your house unless forced to do so or because of illness or excessively long confinement