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Treats and what they mean

Posted December 2, 2010
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I’m thinking about the comments I read or hear from people criticizing trainers as ‘cookie pushers’ or some other derogatory term they’ve come up with for reward-centric trainers. It dawned on me that if you don’t know what you are looking at, you might very well just see someone feeding dogs treats. But as with anything else, the more you understand and learn about something, the more appreciation you have for it. My cousin travels around the world tasting coffee.

Reward good behavior

Reward the Good  Behavior

 DO   ·       
reward sitting quietly (sit for attention) 
encourage play with dogs own toys ·        
reward the dog for being quiet ("good quiet") ·        
feed the dog when he sits politely ·        
reward the dog each time he comes to you ·        

Foods not feed your dog

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Getting Your Dog to come back to you with fetch toy

  • Getting Your Dog to come back to you with fetch toy

  • I used to have the same problem with my dog at fetch. She'd get it then just run around with it keeping it from me. This is the method I used to get him to bring it to me:

  • 1. Buy a whistle
  • 2. Start blowing the whistle at random times of the day and give your dog a treat every time
  • 3. Eventually your dog will come running to you as soon as he hears the whistle
  • 4. Bring the whistle and treats outside while you play fetch
  • 5.After your dog fetches the ball blow the whistle

Tip for house training your dog

Establishing good habits early on in house training your puppy is critical.
If you allow your puppy to eliminate every where and any where he wants in your home, you will end up with an adult dog that will always have a tendency to want to eliminate in your home. You will have to live with it forever, or go through some time-consuming, tedious retraining later on. A dog is either house trained or not.
There is no such thing as weekly 'accidents.' A truly house trained dog will NEVER eliminate in your house unless forced to do so or because of illness or excessively long confinement